Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Art of Modern Dentistry

Yes that's right I went to the dentist on Thursday. While confident there was nothing wrong with my teeth, the fact that this was my first visit in two years had me worried. After a bit of a prod and a scrape with that little hook thing, the Dr proclaimed "finding decay in there is like finding a needle in a hay stack". I was glad because I really do try to look after my teeth, particularly because I had braces for two years as teenager at great expense to the Australian tax payer. So it was just a quick polish up with that tooth polisher thing that sounds like a drill but is actually a tooth polisher. All the fun of the drill but without the pain (drugs are for wusses!). And to top it off I got a free tooth brush, at least I don't think it was on my bill.

I think my dentist is really cool. On ya Dr. X*. He's jewish, just as a real dentist should be.

* - Not his real name, I don't think I should give his real name.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how I found all this when I was looking for a phone number of a dentist in Chicago.

Happy New Years and life in Melbourne!