Saturday, September 10, 2005

4000 Digital Photos!

It came as a surprise when reviewing some photos that I'd taken yesterday that I had just topped 4000 photos. So without further-a-do here is photo no. 4000:

Actually it is the 4000th image stored on this particular memory card. What happened was that when I bought the camera I didn't buy a memory card and so battled with the 16mb of built in memory for a few months. Therefore in reality I've actually taken more photos with the camera, but hey a milestone's a milestone. Get this though, at the time I paid $90 for a 128 mb Multimedia Card, I could have got an SD card of the same capacity for only $10 more, but I was tight arse (still am...). These days you'd be hard pressed to find the same cards for more than half that, if at all.

My camera is a dodgy little Kodak "EasyShare" CX4230. It's 2 Megapixel, with a crappy plastic 3x optical zoom lens. It goes a bit fuzzy towards the longer focal lengths but produces good images at wide angle (not always desirable). It also tends to freak out in less than perfect lighting conditions. I do however like to push it a bit, I've even taken a number of night photos using an improvised tripod (ie rolled up jumper or my backpack), an incresed EV of no more than a stop and the self timer to prevent any shake from pressing the shutter. Another thing I like to do is take glint shots looking generally towards the sun around sunset. This may be a point and shoot camera but I've been happy with some (definitely not all) of the results using the above techniques.

I picked it up in mid 2003 at $250, cheaper than normal as at the time the model was being phased out. For the same price I could have got a 3 Megapixel model without the optical zoom, I'm glad I didn't though. It's a though little bugger too, I've dropped it quite a few times and even kicked it like a football once, but it's still going strong. It does however have a few dead pixels, there are a couple of prominent red ones that show up when you take photos in very dark situations, nothing to really worry about though. All I can say is that it has served me well for the last two and a bit years.

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