Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sydney Transport

First we have the much disliked monorail.

I was standing in Pitt street and just made a quick grab. I dislike riding this thing very much. Reminds me of the rides at Wobbies World... I remember one day I was eating in one of the fast food places in Pitt street near where I took the video and watching a curtain of water go down the street. It was raining, but the wall of water was of course the monorail going past overhead pushing all the water off the track. I wish I'd taken a video of that. From memory it was actually raining quite heavily and the street was more or less a river of water.

Now the polar opposite, the Manly Ferry. This is by far my favourite.

I'd rate this crossing as moderate, I've had calmer, and only hope for worse one day. Perhaps not quite as bad as the in the videos that Highriser found on Youtube. As fun as the ride is I am always glad to get off though. A land lubber by nature I guess.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Everest Web Cam

Thought this was interesting. Mount Everest now has it's own web cam.

So if you're stuck in base camp and can't be bothered poking your head out of the tent in the morning, here is your answer. Just whip out your device and check the Mount Everest web cam, then make your run at the summit.