Monday, February 08, 2010

Gecko Time

This is so cool! There is currently a Gecko on my wall. Geckos are not uncommon around here, but they usually seem to hang around the front door rather than my bedroom. I've never seen a Gecko down this end of the house. Actually I lie, I should say I've never seen a living Gecko down this end of the house. There was one that drowned in the bucket of water in the side way that was catching the overflow from the leaky toilet and another one that got squashed on top of the back door when it got closed. I only noticed it a day or two later when I saw this little foot sticking out as I opened the door.

I feel kind of honoured to have a Gecko on my wall, not sure why. Not going to move him, they are too hard to catch. The trouble is, 1. capturing them in the first place as they run when they see you coming, and 2. keeping hold of them as the squirm for their life. Not worth the worry at this time of night, although it couldn't end worse than the guy who tried to catch the Huntsman on his ceiling.