Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am a twit

I have finally started adding the posts from my trip to Queensland, only 4 weeks late... So far I've added days 2-4 out of 8. All the posts are backdated to the day the actual day.

I have also added a couple of gadgets to the sidebar. The first one is a Geocaching summary, which has links to my Geocaching profile and my number of hides and finds. I've been Geocaching on and off for 7 years and have only ever found 74 caches in that time. Others who started at about the same time as I did have become addicted and logged thousands of cache finds. I feel like a bit of a failure as a Geocacher, but I still enjoy the occasional cache hunt.

For some reason I was bored at work today and signed up to Twitter. So far I haven't bothered looking for anyone to follow other than D0ctor Karl. I actually wouldn't have a clue if any of my friends are on twitter or not. I have until now avoided facebook, and although not the same I am attracted the anonymity and lack of complication of Twitter. I remember when I first heard of twitter I was going to sign up, but for some reason didn't. That was about 3 years ago or something, and now it seems the thing to do, so I did. Whether I have anything valuable to tweet remains to be seen. I have added a Twitter gadget to the sidebar.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, earth tremor really. I actually felt this one, the last one I didn't even notice. I was sitting at my desk when I started bouncing up and down. This went on for a few seconds before it subsided. My immediate thought was that it was the train that happened to be going past at the time (trains pass my workplace just above window level of the floor we are on), but it was more than the normal train rattle that I sometimes notice. When I looked up everyone else was looking up too. Everyone was pretty sure it was an earthquake. It was pretty cool though.

Latter when I managed to get through to the Geoscience Australia website, I took the screen grab at the top of this post. It seems it was centred on a similar location and was the same magnitude, 4.6, as the last tremor 2 weeks ago. Is a gaping hole about to open up? Are we about to have "the big one"?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


All photos taken at Mornington in July 2008.

As much as summer is a great season, there is something to be said for winter. I like winter as much if not more than summer.

Notepad Issues

I've slowly been typing up posts from my trip before I forget them. I've just been using notepad, but something really annoying has started to happen tonight. I've just done the last 3 only I lost the last one, when I went to save it, pressing ctrl s Notepad disappeared without a trace. This also happened to the second last one but I re-wrote it, actually it happened to that one twice. I've now given up for the night and the last one can wait for another day.

With any luck I should get some photos sorted and the first one or two posted this weekend. For me this blogging is a slow business. I routinely take over an hour to put together a single post. These trip report ones take me much longer for some reason.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not lost and other situations.

Well I made it home the same day as my last post. I was surprised at the relative comfort of the Jetstar flight. At around 2 hours I had no discomfort, apart from the battle for the arm rest with the person next to me. They were sitting in my window seat when I boarded and I made them move, so I guess they were getting me back. No safety issues either. I Wouldn't hesitate to fly with Jetstar again in the future.

On Friday night Mum's TV blew up. Not really, but it stopped working and started making funny noises. Saturday was spent searching electrical shops for a good deal. Prices have gone up since before Christmas that's for sure. Stores kept trying to sell us a Samsung, ended up picking a Panasonic, that seemed like a good deal at Dick Smith. We went back on Sunday morning and walked out with a Sony Bravia for the same price (missed the really cheap Sony Bravia 37" run out model at K Mart by a few days. It's a 32" model and utterly briliant. Just fits the existing TV stand perfectly. Makes my 26" widescreen CRT look really bad.

At work we are getting new computers, the whole company is getting laptops for some reason. I will never take my work computer home so I can't see the point, but I guess it's all about consistency. At the same time the company is taking the leap to Vista, but not my department because much of the software we use is incompatible. So we are sticking with XP. I was going to get mine today, but the IT department loaded Vista by mistake. For some reason there is also a bug with the XP installation that they are going to try and iron out on my machine. I Should have it on my desk by Friday.