Sunday, April 29, 2007

ANZAC Biscuits

Almost forgot to mention that the night before ANZAC day I decided to make ANZAC biscuits. This was my first time cooking biscuits, and that despite not realising exactly how much bigger a table spoon is compared to a desert spoon (where some evasive action saved the mixture from being too dry), they turned out very well. I got my recipe from an ANZAC Day website, which also includes a little background info on how they came to be.


Here is the belated ANZAC Day post I intended to post on the night of the 25th, but didn't.

Mum and I went into the city after the parade had finished and visited the Shrine. Arriving after 1pm we managed to catch the very end of the service. As the crowds dispersed we went over to the eternal flame, where for some odd reason people were throwing coins into it as if it were a wishing well. I don't understand why they would do this, and I certainly do not approve, what a waste of money.

On the way back towards the city we were diverted around the St Kilda Road end of the shrine forecourt/ANZAC Avenue (we were diverted on the way in as well but didn't know why). It turned out that someone had left a bag behind and the bomb squad had been called to check it out. We got to watch the bomb squad robot empty the contents of the bag on to the ground before a police officer in a "bomb proof" suit came out to inspect it. luckily it was a false alarm.

By now we were hungry, and went to the Southgate for lunch, I ended up having a Nando's supremem chicken burger (or something like that). It was nice, especially the roll, but I still think I prefer Oporto. While the Nando's peri-peri is nice and hot which I like, I think I prefer the flavour of the Oporto chili.

After lunch it was onwards along the Yarra, past the Casino and the Exhibition centre and across the river to Docklands. It turns out that the Melbourne Maratime Museum, more commonly known as "The Polly Woodside" is closed, and the whole trail along South Wharf is due to be closed in the next month due to the nearby construction of the new convention centre and Hilton Hotel. Also to be constructed is a new footbridge linking the Exhibition Centre and the world Trade Centre.

After climbing the docklands hill to admire the view it was only a short walk to Southern Cross station and the train home. At Jolimont many Essendon supporters joined the train, the good news was that they had left game early as Collingwood was winning. That pretty much topped the day off for me.

Washing Machine Mystery #42

Why is it that my shorts always manage to turn themselves inside out? Although technically they turn themselves outside in, because I wash my clothes inside out, but I think you understand what I mean...

In case you didn't guess, I did some washing this morning, I hope it fines up a bit more so it get's a chance to get half dry. According to the radar the showers have all but gone from this neck of the woods.

Speaking of rain, the neighbours were washing their car in the rain this morning, ingenious.

Hey Buddy

I hate being called buddy. It's always people I don't know who call me buddy. I don't know you, and I'm not your buddy. I probably shouldn't take offense, but to me it is something of a put down. Don't do it OK people don't like it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Better late than never, eh...

Easter this year was pretty good.


Went to the movies with a friend to see Mr Bean's Holiday.

Definitely better than the last Mr Bean Film, and different enough from the TV series to make it worthwhile. While it did include some of the same old jokes, most of the film was new material. It was good to see Mr Bean make some friends for a change. Don't be put off by the bad reviews, they don't know what they are talking about.

I'll give it **** (four stars)




Visited my brother, his wife and kids at Anglesea with mum. The had a camping site in the foreshore caravan park from Good Friday until last Sunday. The weather was great, I actually went swimming. Most people were going in with wet suits on (wimps!), but I braved it, due to the fact that I don't actually own a wet suit. After the usual initial shock of cold water it was fine, the problem was getting out. Later on my cousin and her husband who happened to be down that way dropped in for an unexpected visit. I ended up drinking a beer which meant that I couldn't drive home, so Mum had to drive home. We stopped at Hungry Jacks in Geelong for dinner on the way home.


Went and had a look at the Hobsons Bay Model Railway Exhibition. This is always by far the best model railway show around. Until last year it was always held in the stadium at Albert Park Secondary College, but due to that school closing it was moved to Collingwood College. I found it a bit so so this year, perhaps like the air show I feel I've seen it all before. One of the best things about these types of events is the sausage sizzle, unfortunately this year a new system was implemented whereby you had to go and buy a ticket from the canteen before going out to the BBQ and collect your sausage. Unfortunately the last ticket was sold to the person in line in front of me. Not happy.

Hungry, and for some reason or other we decided to make our way to Beacon Cove for fish and chips at D'Lish. Not as expensive as Doyle's in Sydney, but still pretty good. The final leg of the day was a drive down along the bay to Mordialloc, and back to Elwood before cutting cross country via Hotham Street, Alexandra Parade,Grange Road, Madden Grove, Swan Street, Power Street, Denmark Street, Princess Street, Willsmere Road Kilby Road and Burke Road, back to the right side of the Yarra.

That's about it really.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Are Apples Lemons?(And Computers in General...)

All these people with iPods that they need to send back for repair have got me wondering as to whether, Apple really do make quality products. Mind you, I've never really heard about any apple computers having serious problems. Perhaps it's more to do with the number of people who use these products, with iPods making up a large proportion of mp3 players out there, problems are more likely to get noticed, while the relatively small proportion of Mac computers go largely unnoticed. I don't know anyone (in person anyway) that uses a Mac (OK I have a crappy old Powerbook, but I never use it, it was a fad with me at the time), and yet they seem to get a much higher coverage in the media, than their actual installed user base (marketing 101).

The above is what I originally intended to post, what follows is the diarrhea that flows out of my brain after midnight.

On a number of occasions in the last 6 months or so I've been temped to just go out and buy a mac mini to see what the fuss is about, If I like it I'll keep it, otherwise it will go on eBay. That is until I realise I can get a much better spec'ed PC for about half the price, one that allows me to keep doing the things I do now, the same way, plus other stuff my current PC is too gutless to do.

Then there's the whole thing about these great little slimline HP PC's I keep seeing in Dick Smith and Officeworks, but nah I'm cautious of those too. In then end I again convince myself that I could get/build a PC that's just as good if not better for half the price.

Then there's the whole laptop debate. Very interesting is that one, but can't bring myself to fork out twice the price for outdated hardware and substandard drive capacities, lack of dvd burning and lack of memory, and the fact that now it's very rare to find a new laptop not running some version of Windows Vista.

Honestly this is what goes my head, while I sit here with this dinosaur (seemingly unbreakable it is too) that gets older by the week. It's at least 7 years old (Not sure exactly I got it second hand), and all I've done to it is put in a larger hard drive, a CD burner and more ram. All the peripherals are fairly recent as well, a sexy LCD screen, a good mouse and keyboard and a brand spanking new set of speakers. Would it kill me to fork out the 5 or 6 hundred dollars to get something new, something that I could muck about with Google earth on and play some games made in the last five years on?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

That time of the year again.

The footy season has begun. Now before I go too far I'd better state my alegences. I'm one of the most hated of all football supporters. Yes, that's right, I barrack for Collingwood, and damn proud of it. I was born into it, and grew up in an area where most, well every second person at least, barracks for Collingwood. Although I say I barrack for them, but I'm just not that into footy, I've never played (never will), and I definitely don't know all the ins and outs of the game as well as some of my friends do, and I'm a bit hopeless at players names and numbers. Never the less I enjoy watching my team play.

This brings us to yesterday. Earlier in the week we arranged to go to the footy, after meeting under the clocks we made out way to Transport for a quick drink and one of their semi famous $10 over the bar steak sandwiches, yum. Having satisfied our hunger we made our way to the 'G' via Barak Bridge to watch the Magpies take on the Kangaroos.

What an utterly boring game that was, the only redeeming feature being that Collingwood had a bit of a resurgence in the fourth quarter to win by 3 points. The game was a comedy of errors, both teams making stupid mistakes, overall the Kangaroos were the better team, but their cause wasn't helped by hitting the post from 15 meters out, straight in front of the goals. I daydreamed through the whole 3rd quarter. zZZ...

We started the game in the new "Ponsford" stand but it too cold so we moved over the Great Southern Stand at half time, whereI got sunburnt. It was interesting to note how cramped the southern stand feels in comparison to the new stand. I prefer the new one even if it doesn't get the sun.

After the game we retired to the Imperial Tavern on the corner of Bourke and Spring for a few drinks. It was interesting watching all the bridal parties come and go on the steps of Parliament over the road. We came to the conclusion that bridesmaids dresses really are designed to make the bride look good, even if she does look like a marang. We had a few beers and before we knew it, it was 7pm and time to go our separate ways.

It was a good day all up, and one thing I learned was never to knock back a win, no matter how bad your team plays.