Sunday, May 24, 2009


Finally finished all my reports on the Sydney trip, only a week after getting back. I was able to get over the trip by having a 3 day weekend and went back to work last Monday. From there it was downhill all week. I had a terrible week, had a couple of bad nights sleep, that seemed to catch up with me by mid day making the afternoons drag on and on. Plus I started later from Wednesday to Friday and so I didn't finish until after 6 on Wednesday and Thursday. As soon my time sheet ticked over 38 hours at about 4:15 on Friday afternoon I was outta there. I must get a good night's sleep tonight, it set s the whole week up really.

On Saturday I got the train to the City, and went to see Star Trek at my favourite cinema, Greater Union Russel Street. It's the only old school cinema left, by old school, I mean it reminds me of school holidays when I was 10. Village and Hoyts in Bourke Street are now gone, and while Hoyts at Melbourne Central is nice and modern, I still like the run down old cinema in Russell Street. When I first went in the sit I sat down in had two wobbly arm rests (and no cup holders), I moved along the row until I found some stable ones. What was surprising was the reasonable crowd in the theatre with me, normally the audiences are very small.

The movie itself is fantastic. While I wouldn't count myself as a Trekkie (always more in the Star Wars camp), I have always been a bit of a an. It's not a hardcore fan film at all, there is enough there to get anyone interested in. The thing I like is that the film is more or less a prequell to the original TV series from the 60's. One by one the film introduces the main characters. They are all there, Kirk, Ohura, Bones, Sulu, Scotty, Checkov (complete with "nuclear wessels" style "v"s) and everybody's favourite Vulcan, Spock. I can't fault the casting of the crew at all. Leonard Nimoy even makes a cameo as Spock's future self. As with all Star Trek series and films there are a lot of laughs throughout, even a number of in jokes that I have to admit I didn't always get. Laughter from others in the theatre told me they were there though. Eric Bana also stars as the main nemesis to the crew of the Enterprise, I can't say I thought he was very good, maybe it was the character he played but there seemed to be something missing.

Overall Star Trek is a great movie I recommend that people go and see it.

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