Monday, May 11, 2009

Sydney 2009 - Day2

The day started off with me having to ring reception to get some bowls brought up. It's a bit hard to eat breakfast cereal when you don't have bowls. I'm not sure where they went, but the new ones were soon brought up to our room by a member of staff.

Yesterdays rain from Melbourne had caught up to us in Sydney and after setting off through Hyde Park it seemed to get heavier and so headed back under cover to a food court in Pitt St for some more breakfast. Continuing on our mission after the rain stopped we walked past the parliament building and the N.S.W state library stopping to admire a statue of Trim, Matthew Flinders' cat that accompanied him all the way from England and on his voyage around Australia.

We then walked down through the botanic gardens to the opera house. our aim was to walk across the bridge, and so we ascended many stairs through the rocks before making it to the bridge walkway. Along the way we stopped at the south-eastern pylon and climbed to the lookout. After seeing the views from there we continued on across the bridge to Kirribilli where the Sunday market was still going (yes it was still Sunday). Here we stopped for some lunch, some sort of middle eastern flat bread that was folded over with meat spinach and chilli inside. It was really tasty actually.

After lunch we headed down to the Millsons Point ferry wharf at Luna Park. While waiting for the ferry I am adamant that a man I saw waiting there was Ricky Gervais. Daniel didn't seem to know whe he is, so couldn't confirm it. Anyway we got the ferry to circular quay and then got the ferry to Manly.

At manly we walked through the Corso and along the beach for a bit before returning for an ice cream. while we were sitting and eating our ice cream some cockatoos were getting stuck into the seeds high up the trees causing a shower of seeds on the unluck people bellow. While making our way back to the ferry we had a look through some of the junky tourist shops in The Corso.

Arriving back a Circular Quay, we got a train back to Town Hall. On the way we checked the times at the cinema around the corner and decided to see the movie, Knowing latter that night. We had a very spicy dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant in Chinatown. I ate so much i was nearly bursting. We had some sort of pancake, a leek cake, and some fried tofu for starters, and had spicy beef noodle soup for the mains. It was probably one of the best meals I've had for ages.

Still having some time to kill before the movie we did a lap on the monorail and then went to a pub for a beer. Knowing was the Nick Cage movie that was recently filmed in Melbourne, which was standing in for Boston. I saw many things I recognised, it was quite strange actually. The movie it self was also quite strange, but quite good at the same time.


Dina said...

I like reading about your trip...makes me miss Sydney though!

What Nicolas Cage movie is it?

Ben said...

Thanks. Next time you are in Australia you should come to Melbourne too!

The film is called Knowing.