Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Off again

Like certain other people, I am also going to Sydney. Except I'm going much sooner, this weekend in fact. Initially it was meant to be a short trip of 2 nights but I convinced my mate who I'm going with to stay for a bit longer. It came about as my friend, Kojin (not his real name) said he had never been there and would like to go. Of course I immediately volunteered to go too.

After searching various accommodation sites on the net I came up with reasonably priced flights and a very good deal on an apartment. So this weekend I will be saying goodbye grey and dreary skies of old Melbourne town, and hello to the bright lights and sparkling waters of the Emerald City, Sydney.


Andrew said...

C'mon Ben. They call us Bleak City. You shouldn't be so flattering. Have a great time.

Ben said...

Yeah, I hate that term, no matter how true it may be or not.

Thanks, I am having a good time actually.