Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sydney 2009 - Day 4

After the big trip to the Blue Mountains the day before, it was time to take it easy. First port of call was the Sydney Tower where we enjoyed the spectacularly lame (to an Australian) OZ trek, which is more or less a half hour summary of Australia for international tourists. It is included in the ticket price so we went for it. OZ Trek starts out with a sort of hologram show set in four different dioramas of the Australian environment. When you enter you sit in one of four seating areas and as the show goes on you rotate around to the next scene. We started in the outback, then went to the city, then the rainforest before going to the beach. The second part of OZ Trek is a motion simulator where you get to fly around all different parts of Australia, it's actually quite good. I remember going on theis years ago and I was disappointed that they no longer spray water on your face when you dive under water or get sneezed on, that was the best bit.

Finally we were able to go up the tower, but not before we had our photo taken. We also had to go through a metal detector like at the airport which was a bit wierd. I've got to say I was a bit under whelmed with the view from the top, you couldn't really see the opera house or Circular Quay at all. It was still good though, but I actually think I like the experience at the Eureka tower better. When we arrived back down in the lobby they tried to sell us the photo that they took of us before we went up for $30, what a rip off.

The plan was to go go via government house to Circular Quay and get a ferry to Watsons Bay, although on the way we stopped for about 20 minutes in Hyde Park to watch a giant chess game. Daniel had to commentate for me, but I think I got the gist of what was going on. In the end black conceded to white I think.

Ater walking to Government House and looking at it from the outside we dodged the odd lunch time touch football game in the park and went down to Circular Quay. I needed a toilet, but the ones under the train station were closed for cleaning, so we went into the old customs house, which actually turns out to now be a public library. The floor of the building is see through and under it they have a model of the city of Sydney. It's amazing what you find by accident. Even more amazing was that I didn't even notice it when entering the building, but only after looking down at it from the second floor where the toilets were. Seems I had one thing on my mind at the time.

After a short wait we boarded the ferry to Watsons Bay. Not sure why but the Watsons Bay service always seems to be one of the newer Super Cats, rather than the older First Fleet class of ferries which do the the inner harbour runs. I guess they are quicker and more suited to the longer distance to Watsons Bay. As usual the ferry made stops at Garden Island, Double Bay and Rose Bay (home of Sydney Sea Planes) before arriving at Watsons Bay.

While getting off the ferry and walking past the great big long line of people waiting to get on someone shouted my name. Turning around I realised it was my cousin. We had a quick chat before the line started moving on to the ferry. Only a few weeks before at a family get together my cousin mentioned that he and his girlfriend were going to Sydney at the same time that I was. I jokingly said something like "see you there", I never actually thought it would happen.

By now it was at least 1:30 and Daniel and I were both starving, so we made our way straight to the line for Doyles take away fish and chips. My eyes were bigger than my stomache and I ordered a pack that had fish, chips, about 6 calimari rings and and several scollops. All washed down with an icy cold can of coke. As usual for Doyles it was very delicous and very fresh.

After taking some time out for digestion we walked up the hill through the park and over the road to "The Gap". Took it easy on the way up and made it around near the naval station overlooking the Sydney Heads. Somehow we managed to miss the next ferry and had to wait an hour for the last ferry of the day. I don't understand why the Watsons Bay ferry finishes at 4 in the afternoon, but that's the way it goes. I had a snooze on the ride back and managed to sleep most of the way I think.

We then got the train back to the apartment and then went to an italian restaurant at Harbourside in Darling Harbour for dinner.

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