Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Primary School

I know it's really easy these days for parents to blame schools for their "dumb" children, but I believe I could have received more help in a few areas . The teachers seemed more interested on cramming in as much of the curriculum as possible, rather than helping me understand it. These a few things I can pin point:

  • I never learnt to hold a pen or pencil properly.
  • I write my 5s funny.
  • I never learnt to do long division properly.

I know the first two sound trivial, but my handwriting really is terrible, although if I concentrate on it I can write neat-ish sometimes.

Supposedly my primary school was a "good" school, but now that that I think about it, perhaps it wasn't such a good school. Probably the best thing it had going for it was it's size, which was pretty small, although this too was a bad thing as it resulted in lots of composite classes.


Andrew said...

Snap with the handwriting, but I can do long division. However, why would I when a calculator is much quicker.

Andrew said...

Take two for the record, I forgotten how to do long division.

Ben said...

That's OK just use a calculator next time.

Looking back over this entry I think I left a few things off the list, those being spelling and punctuation.

Ben said...

Post amended.