Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The good and the bad days

Yesterday was a good day, today was a bad day. Most days lately fall into the bad category. I've been late to work (while I have no set starting time, by late I mean that I arrive after my preferred arrival time), I've been tired, and feeling generally crap. Yesterday I worked out what it is. It's a lack of sleep, and a lack of preparation for the next day the night before. It feeds on itself, making me later and feeling crappier as each day passes, and it affects this blog, because I don't feel like using the computer at home when I'm in this state.

The difference with yesterday was that on Sunday night I made my lunch, arranged what I was going to wear, and went to bed early.

I also blame Connex, as if I leave too late and miss the 15 minute window of easy connections at Flinders Street I'm half an hour "late" for work. It happened this morning, I missed all four of my optimal conections, add in the uncertainty of which platform the next train leaves from, a bit of essence of late running, and you've got a recipe for me being pissed off. I mean my train left from platform 13 for gods sake, and then it was about 7 minutes late.

The ironing is taken care of, so right now I'm off to make some sandwiches...


Andrew said...

You cannot go wrong with going to bed early. Even if you wake up early because of going to bed early, you can go back to sleep or doze. What a luxury.

Ben said...

Unfortunately I'm not very disciplined and keep going to bed too late.

I tried dozing this morning though. I woke up after what seemed a minute or two only to find it up half an hour later than I thought it was. Late again.