Monday, March 31, 2008

Regional non-fast rail - Part 2

VLocity unit 15 has completed platform duties,
is closing the doors and is nearly ready to go.

VL 15 heads off around the bend, next station Heathcote Junction.

Track machines in the Standard gauge siding at the Melbourne end of Wallan loop.

This photo was taken at the Hobsons Bay Model Railway Club's Exhibition of Australian Model Railways that is held over the Easter weekend each year. Shown is an N scale model railway layout based on Wallan back when it was a more substantial station (compare now (sort of) and then). In the front are the broad gauge running lines, then the large broad gauge yard, while at the rear is the standard gauge line with two trains crossing in the loop. The track machines in the photo above this one are parked in a small siding that is not depicted, that runs off the start of the loop, and would be parked just behind where the blue and red locomotives are (these are NR class locomotives in Indian Pacific and The Ghan colour schemes BTW). Most crossing loops on the north east standard gauge have at least one such siding for the storage of track machines or broken down locomotives and rolling stock. This layout is owned by the Victorian N Scale Collective.


Andrew said...

The model is incredibly realistic. On the United Nations agenda is to standardize rail gauges across the world. (It is April 1)

Ben said...

Yeah it ain't gonna happen, ever. Not that it's necessary in most parts of the world, where the gauge issue was sorted years ago or just work around it like Spain.

Anonymous said...

Gauge standardization is incredibly visionary - but unrealistic given the current political stagnation on anything remotely rail related.

You should do what I have done, Ben - and post on sir Rod Eddington's report.

Ben said...

Gauge standardisation is a tricky subject. If it weren't for a joke about an Irishman a Scotsman and a Welshman in the 1850's I doubt there would be an issue now. If anything standardisation should have happened long ago.

Yes I have thought about doing a post on the Eddington report, although I've mostly covered my thoughts in various blog comments. I might collect them up and re post them...