Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Edge

A few weeks ago (actually about 6 now) my weekend wanderings took me down City Rd to photograph this phenomena. I think people were wondering what I was looking at.

Edge goes out.

Edge goes in.

This is full size un-rotated crop of "Edge goes out", if I'm not mistaken that is a star right there in the middle. There are one or two more visible in this photo, and in "Edge goes in" as well, but in the latter they are quite faint. Not bad for 2-3 pm in the afternoon.

Also if you look closely you can see right up that girls skirt...


sueglossy said...

That's an interactive feature of Eureka tower isn't it? Glass all-round...but I've forgotten its actual name.

Incidentally, I have linked your blog address to mine. Reciprocation would be appreciated.

Ben said...

Yes it's called "The Edge". The gimmick is that the floor changes from opaque to transparent after the box slides out of the building. Didn't bother going on it when I went up there, not that I'm scared (really, I'm not) it just doesn't really do anything for me.

Thanks for the link, I shall do likewise.