Sunday, April 06, 2008

Game On

Yesterday I went to Game On at ACMI (for some reason I wrote ACME the first time...). It was fantastic. I saw a lot of games I haven't seen for years, and lots of others that I've never seen first hand like Nintendo's epic failure, the Virtual Boy. Most landmark games were included, but of course there were a lot that could have been included but weren't because there is simply not enough room. As the person I went with remarked, "where is World of Warcraft?", which is probably one of the most iconic current games.

The best part is the fact that almost everything is playable, from the early arcade game Space Wars, classics like Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Galaga, the glory days of the 8 bit consoles and PC's in the '80s, through to the Nintendo Wii. I would have liked to have tried out the PC game Portal (which is included in the "Orange Box" I talked about a few posts ago), but it was being hogged by a hooded figure who was playing for at least an hour while we were there. Definitely not in the spirit of the game.

While not for everyone, I think most people could appreciate the exhibition. It could even change the perception that video and computer games are just for kids. Having said that I want to take my neice and nephew, as I think they'd love it. Especially after showing them my Gameboy Pocket a few weeks ago. I got them to turn it on, and after about 10 seconds one of them asked "when does the light come on?". They were a bit perturbed when I told them it doesn't have a light in it and that you need to play in a bright part of the room. They are used to their modern Nintendo DS with backlit dual screens. I think I could show them a thing or two at Game On.

My advice is if you are thinking of going, go early, especially on weekends. We got there just after opening at 10, but by the time we left at 12 it was really packed.


Daniel Bowen said...

My kids loved it, but they've been introduced to MAME already!

If you show a Metcard you can get in on a Thursday night for the concession rate.

Anonymous said...

I would try it out, but I have much homework. And socialising for me rarely involves such computer games.

Incidentally, there's a survey on my blog I wouldn't mind you doing, Ben.

Ben said...

Thanks for the tip Daniel.

Reuben, too much homework is bad I know. I'm not much of a gamer either. I play my DS a fair bit while commuting (other times I read or listen to music) and might play my Wii every now and then, but I rarely play games on my PC. I am all talk when it comes to PC gaming.

I think I responded to your survey last night.