Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gunzel Tripping

Lately I've been thinking about taking a leaf out Jarf's book, and just riding around on public transport for no apparent reason (reminds me of my uni days...). What I've got in mind is this:

  • Tram 75 City - Vermont South
  • Tramlink Bus 732 Vermont south - Knox City Shopping Centre
  • Bus 665 Knox City - Stud Park Shopping Centre
  • Smartbus 900 Stud Park - Caulfield
  • Train Caulfield - City

That ought to keep me occupied for a few hours one Saturday.

But do you think the Metlink Journey planner thinks that this is a sensible idea? No, for some odd reason it seems to think that the best route between Vermont South tram terminus and Knox City is via Ringwood. Considering that the Tramlink bus service only takes 10 minutes and meets every tram, while the suggested route via Ringwood takes more like an hour, I think it's a bad idea. I'll stick to working it out from timetables thank you very much.

Speaking of timetables, I went into the Met Shop the other day to pick up the appropriate timetables for my journey, but the grumpy guy with the beard who I don't like was there, so I left. My loss I suppose. (It always cracks me up on the "That's M!lbourne" public transport ad when the girl is talking about how friendly and helpful the staff are, and the grumpy beard guy is in the background.) I also tried the Melbourne Visitor Information Centre at Federation Square, but all the public transport timetables they used to have are no longer there.

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Andrew said...

R had to get a defective ticket replaced and went in there. He came out furious.....yep, that grumpy guy.