Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where'd all the water go?

Sugarloaf Reservoir - September 30 2006

Sugarloaf Reservoir - March 18 2007

The first photo was taken on grand final day, when I went fishing at Sugarloaf Reservoir, I was surprised to find this much water in the reservoir. Then on Sunday, nearly 6 months later we visited the reservoir and found the reservoir nearly empty. Sugarloaf Reservoir is fed from the Maroondah Reservoir near Healsville via the Maroondah Aqueduct, and the Yarra River. The first photo was taken from around about the greyish coloured rocks on the shoreline to the left of the second photo. The hill in the background of both photos is called Mt Graham.

Oh and if anyone is wondering I only caught one fish, a small Redfin, on grand final day. I threw it back. There are also Trout (Brown and Rainbow), Golden Perch and Carp. There are eels too, but no body talks about those...

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