Saturday, March 03, 2007

I love Sydney Ferries

If you've read my rather lengthy posts on my trip to Sydney, you may realise that I spent a lot of time riding on the ferries. Over my various visits to Sydney I've come to love them. To me they have a personality, and think that they say Sydney as much as a green and cream (or red and cream) W class tram says Melbourne.

Much to my delight I discovered a book at the ARHS NSW book shop at Central Station, The Sydney Ferry Book, by Dale Budd and Randall Willson. These are the same authors who wrote the fantastic Melbourne Tram Book. I did intend to go back and buy the book but totally forgot on my last morning in Sydney. I must visit the Railfan Shop in Melbourne to see if they stock it or can order it in for me. Or I could just order it through the Railway Digest book listing, or the ARHS NSW online bookshop, which I just discovered while gathering links for this post.


Andrew said...

My sort of holiday to Sydney but staying in proper hotel. Ferry to Parramatta is quite a nice trip. My Sydney posts on my blog archive at 08/01/06 and 15/01/06

Ben said...

Ah yes, I've done the Parramatta ferry before. We got caught in a thunder storm about half way there, and there was water coming in under the doors from the front deck. It was all very exciting.

I'll be sure to check out your Sydney posts. I think next time I'll stay in a proper hotel.