Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nearly hump day

I went to uni today, to the library to work on an essay and discovered that I'd left the assignment sheet at home. No problem I thouhgt, I'll just download the sheet off the lecturers website. The website was down so I ended up surfing the net for an hour and a half...

After that I logged off the computer and found one of the good desks waaay down the other end other end of the library next to a window overlooking Swanston Street. I pulled out all the bits and pieces of my medium density housing design for land development and proceded to watch the trams go past. Half an hour latter (by this time it was 1 pm) I started work. I finished up some time after 3 pm when I decided it was time for lunch.

Deciding what to have for lunch was too hard so I went to Hungry Jacks. I had one of those Cheese and Bacon Whoppers that they've been advertising lately. It was kind of like a big bacon delux, funny that. And why do the people behind the counter still persist on asking if I'd like a large meal? If I wanted a LARGE meal I'd ask for one. So I sat in the dining room upstairs and did the crossword in MX while watching the trams on Swanston Street again. Some of the ones I'd seen earlier went past agian after going to their suburban terminii and returning to the city.


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