Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I went gunzeling instead.

I didn't feel like going back to uni so I went and bought some film for some photography (I had my new camera with me). Yes I know it's not a digital, but I couldn't afford a digital SLR so I got a film one. After putting two and a half films through I'm addicted to SLR cameras.

I ended up catching a 96 to St Kilda. On the way we passed B1.2002 shunting outside the convention centre in Spencer Street with the desto showing St Kilda 112. So with that in mind I alighted from the 96 in Fitzroy Street St.Kilda and hung around the Park Street terminus of the 112 waiting for 2002. It turned up after waiting while 2 trams shunted in turn. A few shots were had of it approaching and sitting in the terminus.

I boarded and travelled through the quiet leafy backstreets of St. Kilda, Middle Park, Albert Park. Even Clarendon Street in South Melbourne seemed very laid back today, it must be the nice sunny weather we are having. I guess the intoxicating sea breeze that was blowing helped as well. As much as I would have liked to stay on board I alighted from the tram at the Casino and crossed over to the other side in order to get a 96 back to Albert Park. This is where I snapped a shot of a Citadis approaching the stop on it's way from Port Melbourne to Box Hill.

All the way back to Albert Park, and then a short walk along the grass between the street and the light rail line, I was going to get a shot of the trams in the cutting between South Melbourne and Albert Park stations but decided against it. So back it was towards the bridge on the corner of Canterbury Road and Albert Road. The hope was to get a shot of a 5 section Combino crossing the bridge in the afternoon light. I missed my chance, one went past before I managed to position myself in the median strip of Kerferd Road. After that it was a precession of B2's. I snapped one of those insted. As I knelt down on the grass while waiting I also discovered that the Kerferd Road median strip has a bindii. Must complain to Port Phillip council ;-).

I thouhgt I'd try another angle of the bridge, so I repositioned myself and just as I was making sure the settings on my camera were OK a D2 raced by. Missed it again! Bugger it I'm going home, but not before I got another shot of a B2 from this new angle.

Got the next B2 that turned up at Albert Park back to Spencer Street Station. I alighted at Bourke street and made my way accross the bridge towards the suburban platforms. I managed to make the 5:29 Greensborough which was an X'Trapolis. The only problem was that the lights were off, except for the ones at the doors, so it was really difficult to do the crossword while in the city loop. I've got to say that I like the X'Trapolis as the seats are comfy and the cabin is relatively quite as compared to the Comengs. It's just a shame they don't ride as smoothly as the Siemens trains (which have hard seats by the way). The horns on the XT sound unreal though. HONK!

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