Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas/New Year Goings on.

This year we spent Christmas day at my brothers house. As my New South Wales brother wasn't down this year it was just a small turn out of my mother, brother, brothers wife, niece, nephew, brothers wife's parents and myself. Brother cooked a turkey in the webber, and we had had a pretty good meal. Present wise I was more generous than usual, (I think). I bought my niece and nephew Mario Kart Wii (they got a wii off santa, he sent me a note to tell me) and a remote control aeroplane each.

I think I did pretty well present wise as well. My stand out present from mum is a ticket to see Billy Connolly in a few weeks. I also got a beach towel and straw beach hat, and some chocolates.

I didn't drink too much or get into too much trouble (both bad), although I managed to fly the remote control plane I bought my nephew on to the neighbours roof. He spent the rest of the afternoon complaining. I'm still not sure when he got it back. Lucky it was a cheap one. I bought myself one a few days latter and broke it a few days after that. Isn't that always the way though.

I really didn't do much between Christmas and new year's eve. One day I went to see a movie with mum. We saw Little Fockers. It was OK but pretty predictable if you've seen the previous Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers movies. Another day I took the 901 smart bus to the airport (write up on that coming soon).

New years eve was again a pretty low key affair. I really don't like new years eve (I think I've mentioned it before) so I'm not that fussed about what I do. Once again like last year I went to my mums sisters house for dinner with some of the family. After dinner until nearly midnight I played pool and watched some movies with my cousin. As they have a two story house in Thornbury with good views of the CBD we got a very good fireworks show at midnight.

That raps up the Christmas New Year period really. Unfortunately after the one week off I was back at work on the 4th. Really could do with a few weeks more. A few days in Queensland for a wedding latter this month will have to do for now. I hope it stops raining.

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