Friday, April 23, 2010

Off the rails in St Kilda

This is what happens when the Scenic Railway at
Luna Park breaks down.

In the school holidays I took a day off work to take my niece and nephew out. We ended up at Luna Park in the afternoon. The first thing my nephew said when we walked in was that he didn't want to go on the Scenic Railway as it will break down. He obviously knew something I didn't because this happened about half an hour later. I guess it happens all the time. And it was back up and running in a matter of minutes after the last people walked back down the track.

Actually my niece did ride on the Scenic Railway, but before this happened.

When I showed the photo to one of my brothers he mentioned that perhaps Luna Park should up sell the experience as Melbourne's version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. He may be on to something there.

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