Friday, April 23, 2010

April Updates

Wow it's been a while. Time has gone so quick this year, must be getting old. Which is funny because I just had a birthday. Not quite out of my 20's but the "Big One" is looming as people like to remind me. Oh how much time I have wasted in my 20's, I think I need to have a 1/3 life crisis and go wild.

Well I havn't really been doing much in the way of my so called "adventures". I've been living a dull suburban existence and haven't been any where near the city for nearly a month, and for a at least a month or two before that as well. This is what happens when you stop relying on public transport, as before when it was convenient to just hop on a train and go to the city to do what I needed to do, now I just drive around the north eastern suburbs.

I sort of lied about not having adventures, as since my last post about my trip to Canberra I've been to Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra again, Sydney and Brisbane. I just have so many photos to go through and I am to lazy to do a write up. But I will get something up about some or all of my trips as time allows.

And another thing, a person on a forum that I lurk around has signed up and is posting under the name "Ben's Adventures". While most probably a freak cooincidence, I feel like someone has stolen my identity. "Ben's Adventures" is not a name I use on forums and such, I have other identies for those. If it is anyone reading this, leave a comment.

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