Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Here

Still in Australia, only a few days to go and I'm off. I have been busy organising things, not much time for blog reading or writing.

I watched the grand final at a mates place on Saturday, was going for the Saints, but it was so evenly matched. The best team won on the day.

I will miss my brother and family by hours, they get back from 6 month around Australia trip the day I am leaving. Well it's really a half Australia trip as they went up west coast and down the middle. Still sounds great. I guess a few weeks won't make much difference after all that time away.

I Don't know how they will cope living in a house again after 6 months in the caravan. Mum went up to Darwin a few weeks ago to meet up with them and they took her to Kakadu and Lichfield national park. They continued on their trip and left mum in a hotel in Darwin for a few nights. Mum reckons sister in law flipped out when she saw all the space mum had in her hotel room.

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