Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's been how long?

Thought I should put in an appearance for August. Can't believe it has been over a month since the last post. What can I say except that my attention has been elsewhere. Mostly on planning my upcoming overseas trip. Only a month to go now. I'm completely over it really. Just get me there already.

Was pulling out some weeds at my brothers house this afternoon. The back lawn is full of them, like thistles. I was going to mow the grass, but it is all weeds. Decided it is my brothers mess to sort out when he gets back. My Brother, sister in law and kids are on an extended trip to Western Australia and Northern Territory. sounds great but there is no one in the house.

While I was there pulling weeds every so often I could hear a steam train whistles in the distance. I had totally forgot about the Wattle Festival at Hurstbridge. Usually a steam train comes out for the day and runs short trips between Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge. I have taken photos in previous years (here), but it all starts to seem the same after a while.

Also to do with my brothers trip, I have been "minding" one of their cars while they are away. And so I have been driving too/from work since April. I am sort of looking forward to taking train/bus too from work again. Don't know how I will go without a car now that I have been indoctrinated to the world of driving, but I'm not going to get one until after my overseas trip.

Speaking of driving, I got my full licence back in July after 3 years on P plates. So glad to be off them. P platers do get "special" treatment from more "experienced" drivers, but not as bad as some of the things I have seen happen to learners. Learners really cop it, they get cut off, overtaken in suburban streets when travelling at 50, and when they try to overtake on Freeways, the car they are trying to overtake will often speed up so they can't. I've seen it all. Be nice to all drivers, don't treat learners badly, it could be your kids getting this treatment one day in the future when they are learning to drive.


Andrew said...

And even longer since you tweeted. I did not hear of the Wattle Festival being on this weekend. Must be why Andy was on a steam train.

Ben said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a tweeter really. I'm not even on facebook.