Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tianjin Gardens

On the corner of Spring and Nicholson Street in Melbourne there is a small Chinese garden over the entrance to Parliament Station. This is the Tianjin Garden. I've been past it a many times, but barely taken any notice of it, until a few weeks ago...

According to the plaque the gardens were a gift from Melbourne's Chinese sister city, Tianjin. It was designed by experts on such matters from Tianjin. (A short City of Melbourne word document about the garden is here - I think this is what is written on the plaque)

The entrance to the garden is guarded by a pair of lions.

The large boulders you can see around the garden are local Tianjin granite.


Andrew said...

The garden looks great. Wonder why I have never noticed it?

Ben said...

It's simple, but good,and most importantly vandal proof.