Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, earth tremor really. I actually felt this one, the last one I didn't even notice. I was sitting at my desk when I started bouncing up and down. This went on for a few seconds before it subsided. My immediate thought was that it was the train that happened to be going past at the time (trains pass my workplace just above window level of the floor we are on), but it was more than the normal train rattle that I sometimes notice. When I looked up everyone else was looking up too. Everyone was pretty sure it was an earthquake. It was pretty cool though.

Latter when I managed to get through to the Geoscience Australia website, I took the screen grab at the top of this post. It seems it was centred on a similar location and was the same magnitude, 4.6, as the last tremor 2 weeks ago. Is a gaping hole about to open up? Are we about to have "the big one"?


Andrew said...

Just curious Ben. Did you literally bounce up and down during the quake? That is what happened to us in the previous quake. Do you work in a highrise building?

Ben said...

I remembered what you said in your blog about the first one afterwards, and that's exactly what it was like, I just bounced up and down for a few seconds. Although I reckon a lot of the sensation was from the suspension on my chair. No the building is only 2 storeys (Ground,1 and 2), I sit on the first floor.