Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am a twit

I have finally started adding the posts from my trip to Queensland, only 4 weeks late... So far I've added days 2-4 out of 8. All the posts are backdated to the day the actual day.

I have also added a couple of gadgets to the sidebar. The first one is a Geocaching summary, which has links to my Geocaching profile and my number of hides and finds. I've been Geocaching on and off for 7 years and have only ever found 74 caches in that time. Others who started at about the same time as I did have become addicted and logged thousands of cache finds. I feel like a bit of a failure as a Geocacher, but I still enjoy the occasional cache hunt.

For some reason I was bored at work today and signed up to Twitter. So far I haven't bothered looking for anyone to follow other than D0ctor Karl. I actually wouldn't have a clue if any of my friends are on twitter or not. I have until now avoided facebook, and although not the same I am attracted the anonymity and lack of complication of Twitter. I remember when I first heard of twitter I was going to sign up, but for some reason didn't. That was about 3 years ago or something, and now it seems the thing to do, so I did. Whether I have anything valuable to tweet remains to be seen. I have added a Twitter gadget to the sidebar.

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