Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why are all the TV shows I like so hard to find...

I was checking the ABC website to see if ABC2 is repeating Enough Rope at all. Alas no, but it is available as a download. But what caught my attention is that Red Dwarf is on at 6:30pm on Sunday evenings. This was one of my favourite shows back in the day, I used to borrow the videos from the video library all the time. Now I just need to remember to be in front of the TV at 6:30 on Sunday.

Now if only the ABC or ABC2 would screen Wild West again at some stage. What I liked about Wild west was that it was completely absurd, and it took "west country" stereotypes to a new level. It was pretty well hidden away in the middle of the afternoon while I was unemployed, and that's the only reason I saw it. I think this was the same timeslot used for My Family which I also found quite amusing, which reminds me somewhat of the Singaporean sitcom Under one Roof which SBS used to screen about 10 years ago. Wild West is available on DVD, but not something I would actually buy.

A show I've been watching lately is Marx and Venus on SBS, it's only a short 5 minute filler but it's actually quite good. Each storyline was selected from public submissions and worked into a script by the shows writers. The basic premise of the show is that Marx has just broken up with his girlfriend who has moved out leaving behind just the other house mate Venus and himself. All the episodes are available as streaming downloads.

Another good show on SBS that I just discovered is back on is the Broken News...

"I'm Richard Pritchard"
"and I'm katie Tait"
"still to come"
"coming up next"

And speaking of digital channels, bring on ABC3 aka ABC kids! And finally I ask, why are the proposed commercial multi channel services only going to be available in HD?

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Andrew said...

I too was looking at ABC2 to see when something was repeated and noticed Red Dwarf. It was a good show. I used to like Under One Roof too.