Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday in Melbourne Town

Who says there is nothing to do in Melbourne when the football season is over.

...not that I really care about whether or not it is the football season.

Shoppers crossing Swanston Street at Bourke Street. If I didn't know better I'd swear that horse on the left is whispering something in the other horses ear.

There are those horses again. I think I've interrupted the conversation...

Trams in Flinders Street. I love these new LED destos currently being fitted to the A class trams. Although I think the air conditioning pods ruin the looks of the tram, I'm sure the drivers welcome their presence. I know I hate it when the air-con at my workplace stops working, I'm sure it would not be nice in a stinking hot tram full of sweaty bodies.

Just to illustrate the improvement, here is a B Class tram with the old flip dots. The A class previously had destination rolls, which were OK, but the LED's rock. There are also some Z class trams with LEDs too, perhaps the B's will get them eventually also.

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