Saturday, April 07, 2007

Are Apples Lemons?(And Computers in General...)

All these people with iPods that they need to send back for repair have got me wondering as to whether, Apple really do make quality products. Mind you, I've never really heard about any apple computers having serious problems. Perhaps it's more to do with the number of people who use these products, with iPods making up a large proportion of mp3 players out there, problems are more likely to get noticed, while the relatively small proportion of Mac computers go largely unnoticed. I don't know anyone (in person anyway) that uses a Mac (OK I have a crappy old Powerbook, but I never use it, it was a fad with me at the time), and yet they seem to get a much higher coverage in the media, than their actual installed user base (marketing 101).

The above is what I originally intended to post, what follows is the diarrhea that flows out of my brain after midnight.

On a number of occasions in the last 6 months or so I've been temped to just go out and buy a mac mini to see what the fuss is about, If I like it I'll keep it, otherwise it will go on eBay. That is until I realise I can get a much better spec'ed PC for about half the price, one that allows me to keep doing the things I do now, the same way, plus other stuff my current PC is too gutless to do.

Then there's the whole thing about these great little slimline HP PC's I keep seeing in Dick Smith and Officeworks, but nah I'm cautious of those too. In then end I again convince myself that I could get/build a PC that's just as good if not better for half the price.

Then there's the whole laptop debate. Very interesting is that one, but can't bring myself to fork out twice the price for outdated hardware and substandard drive capacities, lack of dvd burning and lack of memory, and the fact that now it's very rare to find a new laptop not running some version of Windows Vista.

Honestly this is what goes my head, while I sit here with this dinosaur (seemingly unbreakable it is too) that gets older by the week. It's at least 7 years old (Not sure exactly I got it second hand), and all I've done to it is put in a larger hard drive, a CD burner and more ram. All the peripherals are fairly recent as well, a sexy LCD screen, a good mouse and keyboard and a brand spanking new set of speakers. Would it kill me to fork out the 5 or 6 hundred dollars to get something new, something that I could muck about with Google earth on and play some games made in the last five years on?

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