Monday, October 03, 2005

shit weekend

Well here it is 12:30 on Sunday night (actually Monday morning) and I haven't been any further than the letter box since coming home on Friday night. Don't ask me what I did all weekend because it was all rather boring.

Friday was OK though as I went to the Dutch Masters exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. This is a collection of dutch paintings from the 15th and 16th century most of which were on loan from the Rieksmuseum (not too sure how it's spelt actually) in Amsterdam. Most notably the exhibition featured a number of paintings by Rembrandt. One thing that I got from the exhibition was how progressive the Dutch were during this time (arguably they still are in certain ways). Unfortunately it finished today, so now you'll have to fly to Amstredam to see most of the paintings.

We had lunch/afternoon tea in the cafe there and we were sitting at the table next to one of the actors off Blue Healers, not John Wood (I've seen him at the football), but one of the younger constables on the show. He has a really irritating voice, which is what made me look.

After leaving the gallery we had dinner in the food court at Southgate. I had BBQ chicken thighs from Nando's, which were nice, but had to have the mild peri peri as the hot had ran out. I just can't help but think that $11 is just a bit much for 4 skimpy bits of chicken, about $2 worth of chips and and small bottle of coke.

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