Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Alone in the dark.

Yes that's right, tonight I went to see a movie by myself. People seem to have an irrational fear of going to see a film solo. Don't get me wrong, sharing the experience with others is great, but it's actually not all that much different when you go by yourself. I mean you come into the theatre, sit down, watch some trailers and ads, eat whatever you brought with you (as if you'd pay that much for food, unless it's a really good choctop)watch the movie and then leave. The downside is that you don't immediately get to praise or put down the film, but you can do that latter. The upside is that you get to go and see whatever you damn well want.

In case you were wondering I went to see Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were Rabbit at the brand new Melbourne Central Hoyts cinemas. The film itself was > a laugh a minute (in case you didn't get it the ">" is a greater than sign), I recommend that everyone who hasn't already seen it to do so. Just great harmless fun.

The cinema itself was fantastic, the seats were comfy and had extra wide arm rests. As I overheard someone else say, you can still smell that new cinema smell.

I suppose I should give the film a star rating, so I'll give it ****(four stars).

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