Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Home Wreckers

Is this what happens when you answer one one of those A4 Sheets stuck to electricity poles that say "I buy houses call 0414 123 456"?

I pass this house regularly on the way to and from work. It has been looking run down for quite a while. Then last week they started tearing it down. The garage on the end always intrigued me, too small for a car except perhaps a Morris Minor. This house was finished in a Tudor style, and even though the cladding has been ripped off it still looks the same with the bare frame and plaster walls visible.

It's a nice big block of land. Looking at other developments in the same street the options are to either build a massive two storey McMansion or cram in three or four units. So far I haven't seen a planning permit application board (that's not to say there hasn't been one before I started going this way)...

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