Wednesday, February 25, 2009

QLD Day 5 - Broadbeach

This was going to by my rest day. After a fantastic sleep in my king size bed, I went down to the shops to get some of the things I had forgotten to get the night before. After returning to the apartment I made breakfast and sat down to watch TV. I had the door open with the stiff sea breeze rushing in and the faint sound of the waves crashing on the beach, all this amid a cacophony of sounds from nearby construction sites. It actaully wasn't that bad, and I stayed there until late morning when I wandered down to the beach to get my feet wet. It was too rough for swimming, and even appeared too rough for the surfers who were no where to be seen, only walls of white water.

Earlier this summer I decided that I needed a new pair of board shorts, and so I conveniently had forgotten to bring my old ones. I found myself in a surf shop and outfitted with new board shorts and a rash vest. For lunch I ended up in the Coffee Club, a chain of coffee shops that make meals as well. They are slowly popping up in Victoria these days. After lunch I went back to the apartment and tried out my new board shorts in the pool.

Quickly getting board of the pool I decided to have a proper look at Pacific Fair shopping centre just for something to do. Really the only thing of note about it is that a large part is situated in the open air with no roof over the walkway areas.

Ahead was another relaxing evening with the door open, and another sound sleep in the king size bed.

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