Saturday, July 05, 2008

Q. When is a toll road not a toll road?

A. When you ride a motorcycle apparently

I find it hard to swallow that today a large group of motorcycles is travelling along Eastlink in protest of the tolls for motorcycle use of the road. What don't they understand about the term toll road? Although they take up less road space than a car or truck they are still using the road, and should still pay to use the road.

This from a group that already gets free parking, and is largely immune to road congestion anyway.


Anonymous said...

It is annoying that they built Eastlink in the first place. I think motorcyclists should be taxed - but not as much. They take up less petrol and as you so said - have only a mild effect on traffic congestion.

Ben said...

Yes, I thought of that after I made this post. The toll should be less for motorcycles.