Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Now with Video

A couple of posts back I uploaded a rather crude video taken with my phone. That gave me some inspiration to upload some bits and pieces to YouTube.

So far I've just uploaded a few short clips of trains and trams. Expect more over the next few days as I go through my collection of videos I've shot with my digital camera. nothing fantastic, go take a look:


Andrew said...

In the Williamstown one, I felt tempted to call out, look out Ben, get off the tracks.

I should remember, but is Warragul Station a centre platform or is it single track?

Ben said...

From memory I was actually a fair way back from the end of track. I think my camera was perched on my backpack which in turn was on a pile of ballast. Zoom lenses are great that way.

Yes, Warragul is a centre/island platform with a track either side. I might have a photo somewhere.