Saturday, November 17, 2007

Election 07 - The contenders

After a "gentle" prodding from Andrew (see post called "voting day"), I thought I'd better get to know who the rest of the candidates in my electorate are apart from the sitting member for Labor, Jenny Macklin. Her face (an older photo, she looks nothing like her photo in real life) is on every corner, and we get mail outs from her about three times a week. Of the other candidates, only the Liberal guy sent some stuff out in the first week after the election was called. I sense that the other parties don't expect a win around here.

Anyway, my electorate is Jagajaga (ABC profile) in Melbourne's north, and after a bit of research these are the candidates:

There are also Family First and Australian Electoral Council candidates, but both these parties are so fucking nuts and out of touch with reality that they are hardly worth mentioning.

Some useful sites:


Andrew said...

I feel a bit sorry for Ms Macklin. I guess she was a Beazley supporter. Wonder if she will get a ministry if Rudd is elected.

Ben said...

Yeah it would seem Jenny missed the boat on a minesterial position. From memory she was Simon Crean's deputy leader. She is a good member of Parliament and hasn't done anything controversial, perhaps she will get a minor ministry this time around.