Saturday, September 08, 2007

Haven't got there yet...

So I made to the local angling shope to buy an angling licence, and then I made the mistake of going to the shopping centre. For some reason I made my way directly to K Mart to look at the finshing tackle, strange considering that I had just come from a shop full of the stuff. I did't buy anything.

While at the shopping centre I bought some lunch, then I went and bought a USB keyboard at dick smith (like this one) and a bag for my laptop at rebel sport (the black one on the left).

Now my laptop has a home, which is good, because until now it's been a vagrant with no fixed abode, moving from suface to surface, place to place, lap to lap, with no regard for it's wee being.

The keyboard is good too, I'm using it now. Now I'll be able to play Flight Simulator 2004 properly on my laptop!

Now I'm really going fishing, I swear. I'll just go throw some lures around in a local lake I know is stocked with trout.

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