Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Drivers are idiots

...especially the one driving the white ute who just tried to run me over. If i'm a fucking idiot, then you are just one incredibly fucking bad driver who's parents must be siblings, because stupidity like that isn't bred in a large gene pool.

At about 10.40 this morning I was crossing Franklin Street on the eastern side of the intersection with Swanston Street with a green man (traffic light, not a martian), when this rock ape in a white tray-ute thing decides to turn right out of Swanston into Franklin and not stop to give way to any pedestrians who were already crossing the road long before he arrived. He actually slowed down to call me a "fucking idot" after I jumped out of the way.

Is just me or are people who drive white commercial vehicles usually the least qualified to drive?

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